The Northern Kings

Meet our CEO and founder Seth Leblanc. Originally from the far northern state of Minnesota, Seth moved to California in 2015 to pursue his education and entrepreneurial goals. He is a  lifelong collector with lifelong love of sports, Pokemon, Yugioh, gaming and all things collectible. 

"I'm extremely passionate about bringing the joy of collecting to the next generation and establishing the best game shop in all of Northern California" - Seth Leblanc

Abdul Ali is the co-founder and vice president of NKC. Originally hailing from Sacramento, Abdul has a unique connection to the north state of California as well as the trends of the current hobby market. A family man and avid collector, Ali is dedicated to pushing Northern Kings Collectibles to its maximum potential.

"Through hard work and day-to-day dedication to excellence, we will make NKC the crown jewel of NorCal" - Abdul Ali

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